The Washington on Westcott Roundabout Initiative, Inc. (WOW) is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that was created to promote revitalization of our inner-city neighborhoods.  With the full support of the Washington Avenue/Memorial Super Neighborhood Council and Washington Avenue Coalition (WAC), the PPP was established by Houston City Ordinance unanimously passed by Houston City Council in November 2003 and culminated in a ceremonial groundbreaking on December 15, 2003.

 Funded by the City of Houston as part of its CIP 2002-2006 and by community philanthropic support, the WOW Roundabout has established a precedent for the additional planned intersection streetscape improvements along historic Washington Avenue.  The close working relationship between WOW and the City makes this project unique in its process and distinct in its results.

Contact us at info@wowroundabout.org

2016 Board of Directors

Phyllis Thomason, President (Rice Military)
Tom Dornbusch, Vice President (Woodcrest)
Patricia Nemec, Secretary (Camp Logan)
Jill Rojas, Treasurer (Woodcrest)
Randy Haws (Woodcrest)
Peggy Moore (Rice Military)
Bill Records (Camp Logan)
Monica Savino (Woodcrest)


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